About Ukraine and Shantambala, from Alessandro Messi

About Ukraine and Shantambala, from Alessandro Messi

About Ukraine and Shantambala, from Alessandro Messi

I have been in Shantambala last August, for one month.

I have been in Ukraine four months this year.

I want to share what I have in my heart.

Shantambala is the nearest place to Osho’s vision on communes I have ever seen. Here, as Osho indicated, there’s absolute freedom of expression in words or in creativity. Shantambala, to me, simply represents a YES to life. Here I was amazed that whatever arises in your heart is simply accepted, whatever as it is.

Shantambala is in the countryside of Ukraine.

I was many times in Ukraine in the last two years and I have many friends there. This is why I kept going in this amazing country where simplicity and authenticity are so rooted that there are simply no words to express the opportunities it can give for our inner search to grow. I was afraid, many times, to go in Ukraine as many people are. But I trusted my heart and I kept and keep going.

I feel pain in my heart because I see the fear of people who are not going in Ukraine during this time. I feel pain in my heart because Osho’s groups are moving to Russia. Because friends, facilitators, meditators, are moving away from such place. I want to share: Ukraine is a place not to be left alone.

I want to say that Odessa is to me not only safe but also a beautiful place. It is so open that I have never experienced before. Shantambale is there and it is not only a safe place, it is a great opportunity that you cannot find one in the entire world.

Osho says: Life begins where fear ends. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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